A Special Event at St. Clare’s

Beatification of Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero

When: June 3rd, 2015 (you saved that date, right?)

Where: St. Clare ~ starting in the Friendship Hall for dinner at 5:30, then going to the Church for an Ecumenical Prayer Service, then back to the Friendship Hall (for a Fiesta!)

What: A Celebration of the Beatification of Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero (And a welcome to our new Bishop who will join us for this event and who seems to be very pleased to know that there is a parish in his diocese that is not only celebrating Romero’s life and message, but doing so with another Faith Community in our town. (See his message in the bulletin.)

Why: Because it is a wonderful opportunity to discover something of the life of Romero. Pope Francis has called us (in The Joy of the Gospel) to respond to the needs of the poor and oppressed. Archbishop Romero’s selfless courage and love are examples of this response.

Because some of our own parishioners have been in El Salvador –at the invitation of members of Union Church – and have together forged a relationship with the Salvadoran community of Valle Verde, which makes this a particularly relevant event that Union Church is excited to share with us.

Because we will be welcoming Bishop Stowe to St. Clare’s for the first time.

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