An Extra Way To Help The Poor Of Our Community

From the Berea College Farm:

Every so often a spirit comes into this life with so much beauty and kindness that the gravity of the earth is unable to keep it tethered to a worldly plane. Such was the case with the recent passing of Berea alumni, Sara Fuller, class of 2007.

An avid adventurer, music lover, and local food connoisseur, Sara exuded a zest for life that was impossible to ignore.

To honor and share the vitality of Sara’s short life, her family and friends have created a memorial charity to help continue spreading her love and enthusiasm with those of us left in her wake.

The goal of Sara’s Harvest Fund is to raise $10,000 between now and May 25th, her 28th birthday.

These funds will be used to purchase products from the farmers at the Berea Farmers Market and beyond and then donated to area food banks, helping both local farmers and those in need of fresh, farm-raised goods.

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