Daniel Jacobs, a 13-year-old Boy Scout from Berea, was honored recently at Camp McKee for saving a life at a hike the year before. Jacobs who attends Berea Community, belongs to Troop 51. He will be written up in Boys Life later this year for his heroic actions.

The incident took place during a 22-mile group hike at Camp McKee in June 1912. Temperatures were over 100 degrees during the hike, and dehydration was becoming a problem. Jacobs packed along an extra gallon of water for the other hikers, which kept many from getting dehydrated, and he also acted quickly when one of the group was in trouble.

An adult on the hike suffered from diabetes, and was completely out of water and had to stop. Jacobs ended up organizing the other scouts to get more water, and ran twice to the nearest drinkable water at Hensley Settlement, which was over a mile out.

Assist. Cub Master of Troop 52 Jeffrey Trujillo, in his letter of recommendation for the scout award, wrote,“He acted solely without concern for himself which reflects greatly on his training as a Scout and his unparalleled leadership abilities.”

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