Catechism January 27, 2013

We realize every Sunday that our Profession of Faith would not be possible if it were not for the many generations of believers who have preceded us.

It is rooted in the faith first entrusted to the Apostles, handed down through the bishops of the Church to our very own day.

Saint Irenaeus of Lyons (+ 202) offers insight into the reality of faith: “We guard with care the faith that we have received from the Church, for without ceasing…this deposit of great price, as if in an excellent vessel, is constantly being renewed and causes the very vessel that contains it to be renewed.”

We are also particularly indebted to those who stand with us to make the Profession of Faith.   Together we are to worship God and by that act are strengthened by being united in that act. We profess our faith together so that we may live together as well. We profess our faith together so that together we may live the fulfillment of that faith in Heaven.

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