Commission of the Apostles

Commission of the ApostlesIn Matthew’s version of the ascension account, the appearance takes place on a mountain. As the great appearance of God to Moses took place on Mount Sinai (Ex 19), so Matthew has Jesus’ great sermon delivered on a mountain (Mt 5:1), and the transfiguration take place on a mountain as well (Mt 17:1). This final appearance of Jesus on a mountain has theological significance for Matthew, who as a Jew writing for Christians of Jewish background constantly writes with concepts and allusions taken from the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament).

We should keep in mind that the primary significance of the Easter appearances is that they were revelations of the risen Lord Jesus. They could be doubted as well as believed. But once the disci-ples believed, they “worshipped [him],” and with admirable dedication they heeded the Lord’s mis-sion and went out to all nations to preach the Gospel. “And behold, I am with you always”—a great assurance to “the

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