Fifth Sunday of Easter

Theme: Kairos—Time of Favor

Educators know that children have their particular sensitivity moments, which should be exploited for learning. Adults follow the same law of nature. There are times when we are more than usually sensitive to God’s word. Sometimes these may be the result of a happy or sad event in life, such as a wedding, funeral, birth, success, failure, or even a deeply moving book, motion picture, or television program. At other times there is no apparent reason for them at all.

We speak of “disclosure moments,” i.e., times when we are more than open to some transcending reality. The New Testament word for one such moment or time is “kairos.” The Greek language has two words for time: “chromos,” time measurable in years, and “kairos,” time of opportunity, time of grace.

Jesus said: “This is the time of fulfillment [kairos]. . . . Repent, and be-lieve in the gospel” (Mk 1: 14-15). God is present to you in Christ, the Bible, the breaking of bread, any good person. The “kairos” (time of favor) for you is when you experience this mysterious presence. This “kairos” (time of favor) is a gift of God, which we should exploit.

– New St. Joseph Sunday Missal

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