• Parish Council sets priorities, communicates to Finance Council
  • Finance Council evaluates income and negotiates expenditure limits with Parish Council
  • Parish Groups submit budget requests to Finance Council
  • Finance Council¬† proposes budget according to priorities and limits
  • Parish Council approves budget or suggests changes.¬† Finance Council accepts changes or negotiates a compromise
  • Finance Council administers budget and issues reports
  • Changes to budget negotiated with Finance Council

Finance Council Report November 2013

Finance Council Minutes January 29, 2015


    1. Larry Sabo

      I am a member of the Finance Council. Your question is timely, because I would like to know what information you would like to see, e.g. profit/loss statement, balance sheet, or special report like the one done in 2013 and when, e.g. monthly, quarterly, annually. This is an issue near and dear to me. The Council periodically reviews all the financial reports available to it. We like to know how we are doing compared to budget projections. Perhaps the minutes to our meetings could include more information of that nature. Please, feel free to give me a call or contact me via email. Larry

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