Flowers for the Easter Season

Easter FlowersAs Easter and the Easter season approach, we invite you to consider donating some flowers for the Church and the Altar: Lilies, Azaleas, Hydrangeas, tulips, etc.  You were all so generous for Christmas and the Altar and church looked beautiful because of your contributions. We hope we can count on this same gracious generosity for the Easter season, as well.

As the Easter season extends well beyond Easter Sunday, and we have a number of special events following Easter (graduation, Mother’s Day, First Communion) to keep in mind, if you would prefer to offer flowers for one of those occasions instead of Easter Sunday itself, that would be wonderful.  That way we will be able to keep St. Clare’s looking glorious all during this most important Season of the Church year. 

Please let Peggy Patrick ( or Fr. Michael or Marie know if (and when) you are able to make this kind of donation.   The flowers for Easter will need to be brought to the church by Saturday morning (April 19th).  


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