Fourth Sunday of Easter: Good Shepherd Sunday

Good Shepherd SundayTheme: The Good Shepherd.

At many moments of our lives, especially when we have to put up with suffering and unexpected problems, we feel that we are not self-sufficient.

In such cases, modern people go to a psychiatrist, a marriage counselor, or a lawyer for guidance and advice. Where does God, visible in Jesus Christ, fit in your schedule? God’s advice and wisdom is available in the words and example of the Lord Jesus.

The writers of the New Testament were concerned to bring out who the risen Lord is and how we are related to him. This Sunday, we are invited to see the Lord as both the gate of a sheepfold, through which we should enter in security, and our Shepherd, whom
we should follow.

Though sheep and shepherds are not part of the contemporary American scene and we know them perhaps only from television, with a little goodwill we can understand what the inspired writer wants to say.

By prayerfully reading the Bible and diligently following the Lord Jesus who is “the shepherd and guardian of your souls” (Second Reading), modern Christians know how to integrate the guidelines of the religion with whatever science offers them for the solutions of their problems!

– St. Joseph Sunday Missal

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