Fr. John Curtis’ Update

“I met with Dr. Beckman today; he is the radiation oncologist at Baptist Health.

After scans and other prep. work were done, we decided that treatments will begin on Monday, March 24th; the treatments will be every week day for 6 weeks.  He said that the vocal cord cáncer looks to be stage 1, and was caught early, so these should eliminate it.

I’m less than thrilled about the posible side effects, but people are probably tired of hearing me talk so much anyway!! I’ll play it day by day, week by week.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the cards, letters, and—most of all—prayers that you have been sending my way.

Dr. Beckman happens to be Catholic; when I told him that people in 6 parishes were praying for him (and me) he was most grateful. “Leaving it in God’s hands.” Fr. John

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