Happy Couponers Deliver Another Haul to the Berea Food Pantry

The Happy Couponer donates to Berea Food PantryThe Happy Couponers from Ohio brought more than pumpkin pies and cookies when they came to visit Grandma for Thanksgiving.  They traveled over the river and through the woods with a carload of groceries for the Berea Food Pantry, too.

Donna Anderson and her daughter, Jessica Crowe, pulled up to Grandma Marie Rowland’s late Friday afternoon with a car so loaded with food they couldn’t even see out the back window.  As you can see by the pictures, they had quite a haul.2








Donna and Jessica run the couponing website, The Happy Couponer, where they sell bulk manufacturer’s coupons and teach people how to save money with grocery coupons.  Jessica, the Extreme Couponer in the family, estimates she spent no more than $50 on all the items you see pictured.

Jessica says, “I know people in Berea think coupons are a waste of time because none of the store in the area double coupons anymore, but a lot of the items you see came from Kroger and they don’t double coupons in Ohio, either.  You just have to know how to do it and it’s not hard at all!”3

So, the next time you’re tossing the Sunday paper, stop what you’re doing and save the coupons!



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