Highlights on Vatican II

The Dogmatic Constitution on the Church (Lumen Gentium)

On November 24th, 1964 the council issued Lumen Gentium. Here the council sets out the Church’s essence and purpose. The Church’s essence is a  sacrament and instrument of communion with God and the union of the entire human race. The Church’s purpose is to be in the world as the soul is in the body. It forms one complex reality comprising of human and divine elements: one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.

Christ provides the gifts of ministries, and we then provide for each other with the helps needed for salvation.


“Though they differ essentially and not only in degree, the common priesthood of the faithful and the ministerial or hierarchical priesthood are none the less interrelated; each in its own way shares in the one priesthood of Christ.” [LG 10]

“The Church has many reasons for knowing that it is joined to be baptized who are honored by the name of Christian, but do not profess the faith in its entirety or have not preserved unity of communion under the successor of Peter.” [LG 15]

“The Christian family proclaims aloud both the virtues of the kingdom of God here and now and the hope of the blessed life hereafter. Hence, by example and by their testimony, they convict the world of sin and enlighten those who seek the truth.” [LG 35]

“Because of the very economy of salvation the faithful should learn to distinguish carefully between the rights and duties which they have as members of the church and those which fall to them as members of human society.” [LG 36]

“Therefore she (Mary) is hailed as pre-eminent and as a wholly unique member of the church, and as its exemplar and outstanding model in faith and charity.” [LG 53]

You can read the documents of Vatican II at: http://www.vatican.va/archive/hist_councils/ii_vatican_council/index.htm

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