Highlights on Vatican II March 24, 2013

Dei Verbum (Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation), November 21, 1964

Following the footsteps of the Council of Trent and the First Vatican Council, the Second Vatican Council presents this constitution of divine revelation with the desire for the wholeworld, “to hear the summons to salvation, so that through hearing it may believe, through belief it may hope, through hope it may come to love.” (DV 1)


God who creates and conserves all things by his Word, provides constant evidence of himself in created realities. (DV 3)

Tradition and scripture make up a single sacred deposit of the word of God, which is entrusted to the church. (DV 10)

In determining the intention of the sacred writers, attention must be paid, among other things, to literary genres. (DV 12)

For in the context of the human situation before the era of salvation established by Christ, the books of the Old Testament provide an understanding of God and humanity and make clear to all how a just and merciful god deals with humankind. (DV 15)

Holy Mother Church has firmly and with absolute constancy maintained, and continues to maintain, that these four Gospels, whose historicity it unhesitatingly affirms, faithfully hand on what Jesus the son of God, while he lived among men and women, really did and taught for their eternal salvation, until the day when he was taken up. (DV 19)

In the sacred books the Father who is in heaven comes lovingly to meet his children, and talks with them. And such is the force and power of the word of God that it is the church’s support and strength, imparting robustness to the faith of its daughters and sons and providing food for their sould. (DV 21)

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