International Day of Peace Update

Greetings to you all on this International Day of Peace,

It was so very nice to have representation at St. Clare’s from each of our Faith Communities on Saturday, Sept. 7 for the prayer for Syria.

We had some 42 people there, which was remarkable given that the service was scheduled with such short notice. We love it when we can do things like this together as part of the Berea Faith Community.  And who knows but that the collective prayers of so many around the world that day didn’t have an affect on those in positions of power.

Praise Be!!

As part of the service, a collection was taken up for Catholic Relief Services and Mercy Corps to be used for the care of Syrian Refugees.  I wanted you to know, and to share with your communities, that there was a total of $525 collected – a remarkable amount, given that there was no previous announcement that we would be taking a collection. I’m sorry for not letting you know sooner about this but we were away for over a week in the interim; my apologies. However, the money was sent out to those two organizations (most of the checks were written to CRS) on Tuesday, Sept. 10, with a note stating that the money had been given by our three communities.

Thank you again for being so generous and for responding the Call to Prayer!

In Peace,

Peggy Patrick

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