Joy For The Taking


Rejoice, pray, give thanks:

This is pretty good advice in a nutshell.   Each action is related to the other two.  In fact to do any one of them well, you have to do the other two.

Think about it:  If you are really thankful for everything you have, you will be joyful, and you will be moved to pray so that you can  thank God.

If you are filled with joy, you will want to tell God about it and give thanks for everything that brings you happiness.

Finally, praying helps you see the joy already in your life and be grateful for it.

Try it this Christmas:  Keep prayer, gratitude and joy in your life and see if it isn’t the best  Christmas ever!

CLOSING PRAYER:  Lord, you have given me so much. Help me to recognize my blessings and give thanks to you. Amen

“What Are We Waiting For?”

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