Profile: Ezekiel

“SON OF MAN,” said the Lord, “can these bones come to life?” (Ez 37: 3).

The Lord had led the prophet Ezekiel into a broad plain filled with bones—dry and bleached in the unforgiving sun. “Son of man,” said God, “these bones are the whole house of Israel” (Ez 37:11). For their sins, the people had been led captive into Babylon, Jerusalem, with its holy Temple, had been destroyed.

What life could now arise?  None that man can see. Years before, when Ezequiel was called to be a prophet, the Lord had given him a scroll to eat. On it was written:

“Lamentation and wailing and woe!” (Ez 2:10).

Yet when he ate the scroll, “it was sweet as honey” (Ez 3:3). We recall the strange manna that lay upon the desert sands like flakes. When the people made it into bread, it tasted like wafers baked with honey. How strange that a prophesy of sorrow should be sweet and nourishing, like manna from heaven!

So it is with our faithful and holy God.mEzequiel understood this, even if his people didn’t.  He builds our faith as we walk through our own desolate valley. Can these bones come to life?

“Lord GOD,” said Ezequiel, “you alone know that” (Ez 37:3).

– Anthony Esolen

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