Rally with the Nuns on the Bus at the Court House Plaza

St. Clare Parish was well represented in Lexington where we traveled on Thursday, October 2nd to join in the Rally with the Nuns on the Bus at the Court House Plaza.

It was an exciting and interesting gathering of people and politicians — and the NUNS who are traveling through several states!

Their message is clear: Voting is a right and a privilege and speaks to what we value most and what we want our country to stand for.

They encouraged us to remember, as we vote, that there are many, many unmet needs in our country and that we have to depend on those in positions of leadership to bring about change; and yet, the “people hold the power to elect proper representation”.

So be sure to VOTE on November 4th — don’t stay at home, don’t decline this call to responsibility. (Registration for voting in this election ends on Monday, October 6th)

Below is a picture of some of the group ~ the others were probably off meeting the dignitaries! 🙂

The Nuns on the bus

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