Request for Bereavement and Committee Volunteers

One of the most important and appreciated ministries at St. Clare’s is our bereavement ministry — our hospitality and
care for families and friends who go through the difficult experience of a funeral or memorial service for a loved one.

We need a small group of people who, when such an occasion arises, would be willing to be part of the bereavement group and help organize the reception following the funeral service.

This group would, via email and phone contact, help arrange the setting up of Friendship Hall, send out requests for the pot-luck reception and enlist helpers to serve and clean up afterwards.

This group could be a time-limited one — perhaps for a year at a time — and it is a great way to bring comfort and support during a time of great need.

If you feel called this ministry, please add your name to the sheet in the Narthex. Thanks.

Catholic Relief Services is the humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the United States. It provides relief and solidarity efforts. Development projects to improve living conditions for the poor, peace and advocacy on behalf of the powerless.
We will have a collection for the Catholic Relief Services on March 15 – 16, 2014 . Please be generous to this cause.

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