Save The Date – Wednesday, June 3, 2015

We are pleased to announce that Bishop-elect John Stowe will visit St. Clare’s on Wednesday, June 3rd to share with us his joy at the Beatification of Archbishop Oscar Romero, who was assassinated as he celebrated Mass in March of 1980. Fr. John’s response to the invitation was nearly immediate, and as you can see (below), he is pleased that Union Church members will also join us for this event. More information to follow, but be sure to save the date:

From Bishop-elect John Stowe:

Thank you for your kind words of welcome and the excellent suggestion of celebrating the beatification of Archbishop Romero. I am so happy to know that St Clare’s and Union Church are in a relationship with the Church in El Salvador. That is exactly what Pope Francis is encouraging us to do!

I just returned last night from visiting our Central American Friars; we celebrated the 35th anniversary of Romero’s martyrdom although we were in Costa Rica. This past February 1st, I was able to celebrate mass in the hospital where Romero was killed—all this to say, Oscar Romero is a great inspiration in my life and I am thrilled to know of a community that wishes to celebrate his witness.

I will look for possible dates to celebrate the beatification with your community.

Your message is most welcomed!!
Fr John

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