Second Sunday of Lent


St. Francis Of Assisi is quoted as having said:

“Preach the Gospel always. When necessary, use words”.

As we begin the second week of Lent, we consider what that extraordinary means and how we might do it. One simple, yet concrete, way is to share what we have (often in great abundance) with those who have so little.

So, as you enter the Church this weekend, you will see baskets ready to receive your contributions for some individuals and families who can really use them. (see below)

You are strongly encouraged to discuss this with your whole family. Decide together what you can give, and involve the children in gathering up what you will bring to church each week. Share discussions with the children about why this is important and how what we are doing together as a parish is part of God’s plan for our lives.

As a reminder, we are collecting food for The Berea Food Bank ~ supporting families in our own community. And we are collecting several different kinds of things for the Catholic Action Center which reaches out to so many in Lexington and beyond. All of the items listed below will be gratefully accepted.

From last week’s Blog:
~ ~ As a parish, we hope to continue to support the Berea Food Bank by donating canned goods, dry goods, and paper products. Some items most needed at this time are cereal, mustard and spinach greens, flour and meal, canned tomatoes of all varieties, cheese, potatoes, and fresh fruit. Donations may be placed in the basket in the narthex each Saturday or Sunday during Lent.

~ ~ We also hope to be able to donate much needed items to the Catholic action Center. The CAC operates a number of programs providing food, shelter, and personal items to some of Lexington’s most vulnerable people. There is ongoing need for new and/or good clean hats, gloves, coats; socks for men and women; blankets; coffee, cream, and sugar; laundry detergent; large garbage bags; bleach; cleaning supplies; toilet paper; soap; toothpaste; and toothbrushes. Donations can be placed in the designated area in the narthex each weekend throughout Lent.

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