Sunday Snack Ministry

Sunday SnacksDear Snack Ministry,

Welcome back to all the parishioners who have been doing Sunday Snacks for years.

Welcome to the new volunteers, thank you for stepping up, stepping out and stepping in to help.

Thanks, to all of you for giving of your time, talents and resources to help with the St. Clare snack ministry.

I appreciate you and so does the entire hungry and thirsty crowd.

The Sunday Snack helps so much with providing a space and time for St. Clare folks to get to know each other and to network to get things done at St. Clare and in the world. Most of all it is fun to get together with a cup of Joe.

I take no credit for the Snack Ministry, this tradition at St. Clare was started long before my family came to St. Clare and I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this ministry.

Thank you St. Clare you are a wonderful place on this each Sunday.

~ Rita Brockmeyer

The new snack list is in the narthex, please pick it up on your way home.

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