Support St. Clare Every Time You Shop At Kroger

Did you know that if you use a St. Clare Kroger Gift Card when you do your grocery shopping, the Church gets 4 cents out of every dollar you spend?

And this money comes directly to St. Clare Berea – all the time.

Here’s how it works….

Stop by the Church office at 622 Chestnut Street in Berea and pick up a Kroger Gift Card. The card initially costs $5 – BUT – it’s also already loaded with $5 worth of credit, so it really doesn’t cost you anything. 

Next, go to Kroger just like any other shopping day – but stop at the Customer Service Desk first to have them load your shopping money on your card. 

For example, if you were planning to spend $100 at Kroger, have them put that $100 on your card – BEFORE you shop.

Then, just use the card to pay for your groceries at the checkout when you’re done shopping.  It doesn’t cost you anything extra and Kroger donates 4% of your total purchase right back to St. Clare Church! 

Control Your Grocery Budget While You Support Your Church

These days we’re all tightening our belts and every single penny counts. You can use this Kroger Gift Card to help control your grocery budget.

How many times have you run out of money before you run out of month? We’ve all had those months where we’re robbing Peter to pay Paul and payday just doesn’t get here fast enough.

Control your grocery budget with this Kroger Gift Card. Load your card with your grocery money for the week or for the month and you’ll always have money for groceries. After all, you can’t rob from your Kroger Card once it’s loaded.

You only need to stop by and pick up a card one time and you can reload it over and over again. And each time you do, Kroger will be donating money directly to St. Clare Church.

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