Take A Minute To Share

take a minute to share


The St. Clare Blog has been up and running officially for about five months now and it’s time to speak up!

Tell us what you want to see on the blog.  Either leave a comment below or send an email to Marie Rowland or our webmaster, Donna Anderson.

Send us pictures to share on the blog.  Send us your favorite recipes or tell us about your week.  Send us your favorite prayer or meditation and we’ll post it on the blog to share with all the members of the congregation.

But, most important…

Share this blog with a friend.  Right now, before you leave this page, scroll down to the end and share this post on Facebook or Twitter and email it to a friend.  A click is all it takes and you can share the St. Clare Blog with all your friends faster than you can eat a cupcake!

Let us know you’re out there and bring a few friends along, too!


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