The Happy Couponers Donate to Berea Food Bank

Berea KY Foodbank donation

The Happy Couponers from Columbus, Ohio are gearing up for a weekend trip to Grandma’s house in Berea and they’re loading up the car with their first donation to the Berea Food Bank.

Pictured above is Jessica Crowe, grandaughter of Marie Rowland, secretary at St. Clare Catholic Church.

Jessica and her mother, Donna Anderson, run a website for couponers called The Happy Couponer.   Thanks to coupons, Jessica’s managed to cut her monthly grocery bill by more than 65% and she’s got a stockpile in the basement that would put some of those Extreme Couponers to shame.

This is the first time Jessica and Donna have been able to donate to the Berea Food Bank but they plan to bring a carload whenever they come to visit granny from now on!

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