Weekly Bulletin April 6, 2014

Weekly Bulletin April 6, 2014

Holy Land Second Collection on April 18th, 2014

Catholics around the world are asked to contribute to the annual Pontifical Collection benefiting the Holy Land on Good Friday, April 18; to raise to the Crucified the cry for peace for Jerusalem so that the world, starting from the land of Jesus, might become the City of Peace.” Please be generous to this cause.

Response – Commitment – Annual Appeal Pledge

As a minority group in Central and Eastern Kentucky, Catho-lics have long been a dynamic force for good, far beyond our small size. Our mission parishes and outreach ministries are able to present to those in need only because of your genero-sity to the Diosesan Annual Appeal. The lack of funding looms large as a real possibility, but we trust that the Lord will provide through your commitment and generosity of spirit.

Lenten Offering

We are now nearly 5 weeks into Lent….. are your Rice Bowls filling up? Remember that we are trying to be attentive to the needs of the poor this Lenten season, making our-selves aware of those who struggle day in their day existence.

2014 April Stewardship

THE CHURCH Celebrates the paschal mystery every eighth day…approximately called the Lord’s Day or Sunday…on this day Christ’s Faithful are bound to come together… (to) commemorate the suffering, resurrection, and glory of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God… (SC. §106)

Don’t Forget…

The Joy of The Gospels: Potluck and Discussion


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