Weekly Meditation – March 3, 2013

ALTHOUGH FAITH IS FIRM and infallibly certain, since it is founded on the authority of God himself, it does not have the clarity and the powers of reason….

For that reason the Apostle says that faith is of those things that are not seen, that is of those things which reason cannot comprehend but are known only through the revelation of God. But it is precisely the merit of faith that it commands reason to believe those things which reason itself cannot attain….

Saint John Chrysostom says that the servant of God must be so constant that even if there appear to be a contradiction in the things that God reveals, he must not on that account refuse to believe them….

The authority of God is a sufficient basis for our faith an we need not seek elsewhere for other reasons for believing…. When God speaks, we must humble ourselves and let down the wings of our intellects….

But no one should think that because the truths of faith surpass reason, we should on that account believe in them for any light or baseless motives.

The divine truths which surpass our understanding are nevertheless compatible with reason. Moreover, there is all the more reason for believing when miracles have been performed to demonstrate the truth of the revelation.

– Venerable Louis of Granada

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