Who was Saint Alphonsus Liguori?

Dear Padre,

I know Saint Alphonsus Liguori had terrible arthritis and is the patron saint of people with that disease, but what else is he known for?


Dear Chelsea,

Plenty.  Alphonsus Liguori (1696-1787) shepherded a diocese as bishop, founded the Redemptorist religious congregation, and found time to write 110 books that collectively surpass Shakespeare in numbers of editions. Alphonsus’ apostolate of the pen was another evangelization tool to spread Christ’s good news of plentiful redemption among the poor and most abandoned.

According to biographer Frederick Jones, Alphonsus’ pamphlet Rest for Scrupulous Souls (1751) is regarded by psychiatrists as a masterpiece even in this century. For Alphonsus himself, The Practice of the Love of Jesus Christ was the most useful of all his writings, including his monumental work Moral Theology (1748), The Way of the Cross (1761) and The Glories of Mary (1750), currently available from Liguori Publications, continue to attract new generations of readers.

Through Liguori Publications’ books, pamphlets, and Liguorian magazine and Redemptorist publishing houses in South Africa, Great Britain, Colombia, Ireland, and Australia, Redemprorists remain true to their founder as modern-day apostles of the pen.

John Hamrogue, CSsR


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